an elegy for Marco
The Millitzer Studio & Gallery

MY MARCO WAS brave and went on a long journey. He collected many trinkets and told many stories about the things he saw. we all know many of these stories. He was brave because being out of his element made him vulnerable and that is hot. my Marco’s sword was radically swift, also benevolent. truthfully I wanted not an erection but a boner an innocuous thing that comes into a gym sock. man can be soft sometimes I maintain this. Today I say goodbye to the architecture of the phallus and hello to your caterwauling tender. So it is written in Tripitaka. She, girl, faithful caryatid, is eighteen and kind of into Brancusi, her first thought is well he is pretty hot! What does a hero look like, Adonis? Apollo? A hero is a pale demon who listens to Coltrane and dates ethnic. They say if you rub beeswax into the surface of Carrara marble it really looks like flesh, veiny and Caucasian. You gave me so much pleasure. One cannot help worshipping at this altar, creamily, yours, and fiending upon your holy water. the grail at the drain of the font. the pH of white vinegar will eat your shell away in 36-48 hours, leaving the pickled flesh translucent and squishy, liable to rupture. We do not see color here, just alabaster violence & its Paxil-clouded aftermath. I use the word “I” too much. I do not use it enough. The marrow is my favorite part of your big bone. Ask me to suck it out then rip your head off. I will rip it right off then turn the other cheek. I will make a ritual out of you. in the Kingdom of the Queen Mother of the West there is a peach grove and if you eat one you will live forever. you could steal one, yes. my Marco was handed the keys to a kingdom and left behind a tumble of skeletons bleached in the sun. Maybe he snatched the keys by force, we are fuzzy on the specifics for they do not teach this in school. Oh gaslighter how do I love thee like a Cancer! Own me so I can finally belong. Drown me in a Venetian canal. In the Hudson. Lake Michigan, the public pool, your kitchen sink. I choose to disengage. I am gloating amidst the inferno high above you propelled by concupiscent force. I am so drenched, slick, iridescent.

Pedestals, 2016
polyester, dye, college boys, blue contacts

ram (your caterwauling tender), 2016, ceramic, steel, concrete, plaster, enamel paint, bodychain, sandalwood incense

font II, 2016, raw egg, white vinegar, soapstone, beeswax

font, 2016, cement, bleach, full text of Invisible Cities

Peaches of Immortality of the Queen Mother of the West, 2016
hand-carved Portuguese marble, beeswax

femurs of of the White Bone Demon, 2016
extruded polystyrene, fiberglass, acqua Resin, gypsum, ground Paxil, pastel, varnish

caryatid, 2016, bleached bone, acrylic, resin, gingko leaf

mandragora, 2016, Tegaderm bandage, blood, tattoo ink

inferno, 2016, cotton, fiberglass resin, gypsum, ground Paxil, pastel, varnish, bleached bones carved into shapes of lever keys