In Practice: You may go, but this will bring you back
Sculpture Center, Queens, NY
curated by Katherine Simone Reynolds
26 March 2021 - 2 August 2021
Press release

common burn
2-channel video installation, altered complete footage of Le lit de la vierge (1969, Philippe Garrel), altered complete footage of La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc (1928, Carl Theodor Dreyer), two projectors, clockwise motor, counterclockwise motor, plywood, hair, leather, beeswax, gel medium, paper pulp, resin, water, 风油精, digital screen, audio recording of the artist and the artist’s mother reading and discussing Anne Boyer’s “No” and “what resembles the grave but isn’t” over Zoom (May 2020), audio recordings of fire transposed in tritone-based chord progressions, ambient sounds from live recording of Mazzy Star playing “Common Burn” (2012)
dimensions variable

reliquary janus
carved wood, gray wolf skull, plaster, horse hair, polymer clay, epoxy clay, acrylic, deconstructed stop loss trap

“...that everything is a weapon, the objects themselves, and with them the fact of civilization, are annihilated: there is no wall, no window, no door, no bathtub, no refrigerator, no door, no chair, no bed.”*
wood, polymer clay, graphite drawing of a Shang Dynasty bronze head, deconstructed maple frame with matte, red crayon, tiger balm, dye-infused aluminum, thumbtacks, acrylic
dimensions variable
*Elaine Scarry, The Body in Pain