forgive everything
Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
12 November - 21 January 2023

Press Release 

3-channel video, scrim, 3 projectors, motors, directional speakers, audio
Performers: Alice Chacon, Quinn Chen, Eloise Deluca, Crystal J. Sasaki
Choreography: Lu Yim and Eloise Deluca
Garments: Brandon Wen
Camera: Marit Liang
Sound: Dorothy Carlos, Nikhil Rao, and Catalina Ouyang

found schoolchair, carved maple, polyester fleece, LED lights, paper collage, discarded garment rack, textile, resin, thread, plaster, epoxy clay, color pigment, beeswax, masking tape, steel traps
37 x 60 x 38 inches

Lucretia’s Apostrophe
found drawers, cement, steel, horse femur, polyester fleece, walnut, light, found fabric, carved soapstone, carved maple, papier mache, beeswax, acrylic, copper
62 x 27 x 28 inches

burned fabric, resin, steel, wood, angle grinder, beeswax, found textiles, epoxy clay, wire mesh, plaster, papier mache, light, horse hair, turtle shell
46 x 32 x 29 inches